Media Awareness In The Media

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It is the 21st Century and the media has one of the most significant impacts on raising awareness. Domestic Violence is a significant problem in New Zealand, and an alarming cause for concern. In the 20th Century, Domestic violence was acknowledged as a crucial problem within families and our societies. In my opinion, the mainstream media and organisations which fight against domestic violence, have a tendency to distort the problem of domestic violence, misinforming our modern society.

In today’s society, gender equality is enforced heavily, with large organisations such as the United Nations backing up the fact that everyone is equal regardless of characteristics such as gender. It is well known that the media plays a significant role in shaping our opinions, as there are so many forms of media to raise awareness. The social awareness of domestic violence and protective legislation is a crucial aspect within our communities and societies in the 21st Century. The problem of domestic violence awareness in our societies is the media’s approach of raising awareness. The organisations which focus on raising awareness for domestic violence usually use women to heavily dominate the media. The problem is that there should be a somewhat equal sum of men and women’s perspectives, so gender equality is really emphasised. Because our opinions are often shaped around the media which is exposed to us, it is critical that the media be as concise as possible. Consequently, the

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