Essay on Research on Domestic Violence Against Men

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The focus of this paper is to bring more public awareness to domestic violence against men. Our research proved that little or no concerns are given to battered men who cry out for help from the law enforcement; in most cases minimum rights are given to them in court. Domestic violence against men is not being addressed with a sense of urgency as it is for women. Limited resources are available for the abused men and minimum funding are provided for assistance of any kind. Statistics show that domestic violence reported rate may be higher for women than men since men tend to hide the abuse due to pride and society stereotype. There is a great need for equal opportunity for the abused victim whether that individual is a male …show more content…

Some men have feelings of lack of control and inadequacy, which causes them to lose self-esteem. They don't want to attempt anything because they feel they are going to fail. The pain and humiliation of being abused by a woman, together with the lack of response to their predicament within the public eye, causes them to continue to be abused and hide their situation (Flor, 1999).
Many of the violence against men are not recognized because police and hospitals are only trained to look for violence against women (Cook, 2004). If they see a man with a black eye, they think it's because he was in a fight with another man. In fact, it seems that no one wants to hear about male victims. To the public, they are an embarrassment and threaten the validity of the stereotype that the majority of men are violent and aggressive. Sometimes they are blamed for being the victims or the violence against them is justified in a variety of ways (Flor, 1999). As a culture we prefer to make the male victims the subject of humor and banter, not offer them help.
Support Groups By making society conscious of domestic violence against male victims, it has aided in creating and informing victims of help that is out there for them. This would include support groups. Being able to identify with peers that have similar situations, and discussing these issues, can help the healing begin. While there are far more support groups for female victims, the number of male

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