Media Bias In The Media

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“Every time you silence someone you make yourself a prisoner of your own action because you deny yourself the right to hear something” (Hitchens), for several years, our nation has become divided over the thought of a biased media. While one side argues that it is being done for commercial purposes, the other claims it has become a Liberal tactic to promote hatred towards conservatives. Liberals also declare how conservatives have created a ‘fake news’ epidemic. Is there a bias in the media and how does it affect our government and society? During the Vietnam War, bias in the media became apparent in America. Many liberal sided news sources, such as the New York Times, created a distorted view of the war as an oppressive attack on a Liberal Vietnam, as opposed to it being an American strategy of communist containment (A Brief History of Media Bias). But as technology advances, credibility from news sources have decreased dramatically; possibly creating a sectional divide in our society while threatening our democracy. From a statistical viewpoint, bias in the media is nothing but a commercial strategy. According to D'Alessio ( a professor of communication sciences at the University of Connecticut Stamford), news reporting has become balanced as a result of profit gains (Farhi). And with the help of technology, media coverage can now be expanded to greater lengths--bringing in more profit. This conclusion being derived from almost one hundred studies of the media within

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