Essay on Media Coverage

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Media Coverage Before modern mass media was at hand, giant news events could not be made known to the public until long after they occurred. The media has always made disasters and wars the large news stories. These have always been the prime news events for the last few decades. And with the development of television and other technologies the ability to show the public what is going on became easier and easier. Now that mass media was available the public could almost immediately view or read about disasters and wars. Average Americans could now sit in their living rooms and watch what was happening in the Vietnam War. They witnessed the explosion of the space shuttle challenger. They saw the scared teenagers run from Columbine.…show more content…
At that early in the morning and as randomly as it had occurred, it would seem that this was just a freak accident, but tragic all the same, but all that would change fifteen minutes later when a second Boeing 767 crashed into the South tower. The significance of all this is that media today is so quick and fast paced that by 8:50am every network was tuned into this disaster. That is wonderful about media coverage, we are informed immediatly about important news that affects our lives, but what started out well, became overboard as fifteen minutes later the whole world witnessed the second diasater as if to say they had experienced it firsthand just as the New Yorkers had.If that wasn't enough, we all watched as the most popualr buildings that we took for granted collapsed to the ground reducing New York to a cloud of dust. How does this media coverage affect the country now? We are more sentimental and tragedy struck, we feel as if we are involved and now we can easily be swayed by any little thing. For example, when it became apparent by the second attack that this atrocity was deliberate. the network media was quick to speculate who might have been the terrorist, while their was no proof that Osama Bin Ladin had been behind the terrorism, he was quick to be judged by the american people. americans want to hold someone responsible as well thye should but we cannot convict without proper evidence. That being said, President Bush became absolutely supported by th
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