Media Coverage Of Law Enforcement Using Deadly Force On Our Citizens

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We have seen an increase in media coverage of law enforcement using deadly force on our citizens. As a young male, it makes me uneasy to see these constant reminders of the system we live under which is why I chose Case 11.4. In this case, a police officer who is also a middle aged mother chases a teenage male into an abandoned warehouse. The officer, Mary Worthington, corners the suspect and then he draws a handgun from his pants. Some officers would have seen this as an immediate threat to their life, and shot the suspect. Shooting an armed suspect in this situation is justifiable because he could have caused harm to the officer. Instead of shooting the armed suspect, Worthington puts her gun into the holster and yells to the suspect “Put that gun down, boy, before I slap you silly! Does your momma know that you play with guns?” The suspect drops the gun, apologizes, and starts crying (Dreisbach, 205, 2009). Surely, most standoffs do not end in this manner, but fortunately justice will still be served, and one possibly two lives were saved in the process.
Unfortunately for Worthington, her courageous deed was harshly criticized by her supervisor as being reckless. She acknowledges the situation could have turned out worse, but she states it was her maternal instincts caused her to act in that manner. Worthington tells the supervisor she will be less reckless next time.
Worthington is faced with two possible solutions to deal with the suspect in the abandoned warehouse.…
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