Media Critique: Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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Media Critique Throughout time, the LGBT community has became a controversial topic. A topic that society usually tries to shy away from. In recent years, we have notice a tremendous transformation within this community in which, gay marriages have became legal in many states, and the LGBT community themselves are no longer shy or as the term society like to say "in the closet". More recently, this community has not only been more openly affectionate in public, they have been appearing more on T.V. With people such as RuPaul and Laverne Cox, over the last 20+ years, the dynamic of society has changed drastically, and the public has been publicizing them both in positive and negative lights. The sexuality issue that I will be speaking on is the transgender community. Reality TV has became such a …show more content…

Watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians: About Bruce is a television show that focus on what society dubbed as "the world's most famous family". Within this special episode, world was slowly introduced to Caitlyn Jenner, formly known as Bruce Jenner. Originally revealed in a special interview with Diane Sawyer, the 1976 Olympian winner, married into "the most famous family" took the world by storm when he revealed that he has a condition called gender dysphoria and identifies as a woman. This issue is addressed by speaking on what he felt growing up and living a lie. Caitlyn also reveals that he used to dress up as the family was sleep and would even use some of his wife Kris's clothing when she wasn’t around. For a long time, as Khloe mentioned" the secret remained hidden for about 12 years", Caitlyn addresses these problems and all questions the family has for her, by answering them and coming

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