Media Genres Of Obamacare

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I decided to review different media genres on Obamacare. I know many people disagree with the act because it brings rates up, but many need it to get the help they need. For this essay, I reviewed a YouTube video posted by a famous author, a random blog post I came across and a scholarly article off of the Uvu library website. In the video, Is Obama's health care working, the Affordable Healthcare act 5 years later, The person stating his opinion is John Greene. He posted this video on his channel, blog brothers, on March 24, 2015. John explains why Obamacare was created and its purpose. He then continues by giving some statistics and comparing us to other countries with similar health care acts. All of his evidence can be found in links …show more content…

He continues with evidence to back it up. He says that the Republicans have already tried to repeal the act and failed that By voting for Republicans it will do nothing to repeal the act. Later in the post, he gives the statement that because of a few locks in the act itself it's nearly impossible to change the act without consequences. He finishes by saying there are other ways other than health insurance to help people. He does not list examples. For the usage of his media, he may have decided to write this as a blog post because he can always go back and edit his words. It also is a very easy to post media, he just needs to type and post. He can also hide his face from the people who disagree. However, for someone just reading this for information on Obamacare, It's a fact opinion article which is what blogs tend to be. If someone were to read this they would only get opinions and bias evidence that could change daily. On top of that, it doesn't exactly explain Obamacare and it effects so it may leave the reader confused. In the scholarly article, The many consequences of repealing Obamacare, by Merrill Goozner. They explain and go into depth on what Obamacare is, how it affects the government and people and how it affects different parts of society. She/he claims that if we repeal the Obamacare act not only will many Americans not have access to healthcare, but that prices for health care will go up regardless. Meaning employers will have to cover the cost.

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