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The Way Social Media Improve Communication Between People
The creation of social media is important technology that has positive effects on individual’s life. Also, It can help to people have a great communication with each other that is very useful. On the other hand, some people argue that social media provide a negative effect in our lives. In additional, they believe, some people might use these tools in the wrong way. For example, some people use this tool for a long time that waste their time. However, I believe networking sites is a very important innovation for having a better communication with other people. In my opinion,there are several ways that prove social media improves the way that we communicate with each other, including possibility of voice and video calls, improve business with build relationship between people and ability share information to each other.
Some people argue that excessive use of social media is not acceptable, because it will lead to waste their time. For example, some children might use social media for long hours, so this action create some addiction between children, also they will waste their precious times of their lives. In addition, many people spend much of their time to talk with their families with social media such as, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram that cause individuals cannot appropriately use of their time. Another reason that prove social media networking sites waste valuable our time is, unfortunately some of the
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