Media In World War One Analysis

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A good starting point when trying to find the connections between soldiers from different nations is discovering and understanding why these soldiers enlisted to fight in the war along with understanding how the media’s filtering effects that. In the case of Paul Bäumer and his friends, they had a school teacher called Kantorek who, “during drill-time Kantorek gave us long lecture until the whole of [Paul’s] class went, under [Kantorek’s] shepherding, to the District Commandant and volunteered,” (Remarque 11). Paul even suggested those who didn’t volunteer risked being called “coward” because “at that time even one’s parents were ready with the word,” (Remarque 11). As Paul put it- “no one had the vaguest idea what we were in for” (Remarque 11), which could have been because of the filtering of the media on the war. …show more content…

Basically, …show more content…

This whole situation implies that the governments of the nation’s fighting in the war did not want the true horrors that surround World War I to be available to the public- which could be for a variety of reasons. The government might have kept the war censored because they wanted to keep moral on the home front up- consider Vietnam, when the public learned of what war was truly like there was an uproar of fury- or the war might be censored just to keep people enlisting into military

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