Media Influence In Social Media

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Being a public figure through television, magazines, social media, or other forms of media can have its benefits in terms of public influence. Often the simple act of being seen can create this type of impact over their audience. However, sometimes the real power lies in the hands of those behind the scenes such as managers, producers, and agents. This can manifest itself in different ways; the outlets of reality television and even political platforms can change an audience’s perspective. Whether the viewer is aware or not, the sources of entertainment and views held by stars within these outlets are powerful in changing viewers’ own perception of topics or events. When viewing any type of media, it is imperative to keep in mind that the information we receive may not be entirely factual.
One common example of public figures having influence over a certain population can be found in reality television. Reality TV targets similarities found between the subjects and the viewer in order to make their stars more relatable. Networks also manipulate situations to warp the truth for the sake of entertainment, causing viewers’ perceptions of reality stars’ thoughts, opinions, or actions to be skewed, potentially without their knowledge. Though reality TV’s influence on its audience may seem inconsequential, the stars of these shows can go on to face real repercussions as a result of decisions made by outside figures such as producers or editors.
While reality stars sign contracts

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