The Influence of Celebrities Essay

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Have you ever wondered what influences us to behave the way we do? Look a certain way? Or even looked for an explanation to what causes us to apply a certain perspective regarding personal and controversial issues? One of the answers to these questions may revolve around the influence we absorb from celebrities. A definitive term for celebrity is an iconic figure to a category or group who has achieved success in one or multiple aspects of their lives. As a result, these individuals have drawn in publicity and fame. Over the years with the advances in media and other forms of communication, celebrities have become topics of discussion worldwide, rather if it’s at school, with colleagues or at the dinner table, it is fair to say that …show more content…

One of his first biggest hits was the song, “Black and Yellow” which was released back in 2011. Even after claiming his song to be number one on iTunes, he continues to produce music, and selling out tickets for his concerts and tours to date. Along with bringing home quite a luxurious paycheck, his name and face have been seen on merchandise, billboards, and other public displays. Wiz Khalifa has made it clear through his music that he has a strong passion towards smoking pot, as someone who is in the public eye, he has confidently expressed being high as strength through his music. With this being said, he has definitely rallied up a fan base of stoners who are quite admirable of his lifestyle.
As a firm believer to the idea that celebrities influence our lifestyles, Beyoncé personally, has significantly influenced me. Growing up, Beyoncé has been a role model since I was very young and still continues to live up to that standard today. She is considered to be a VERY mainstream artist and entertainer. What inspires me about her is the genuine quality in her work, which she produces. She is undeniably talented and over a long period of time she has been able to sustain excellent work ethics and authentic passion in everything she does. All these characteristics about Beyoncé influence my behavior because they drive me to give 110 percent in my life. This reference is evidence

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