Media Objectivity

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How has the media’s objectivity been affected by the explosion of information sources? Will individuals increasingly live in worlds of their own ideological and moral construction by further isolating themselves from competing ideas? Are we entering an era of “choose your truth”? How does information technology further expand the same rifts between civilizations and between individuals in the same communities? How does it bridge those divides? The media has been adversely affected by the explosion of information sources. It has become a tedious and cumbersome endeavor to accurately locate information sources that can stand to even the slightest bit of scrutinizing. For those who attempt to report the truth, they continue to find it…show more content…
As information technology continues to expand, we find that almost anyone can be a self-claimed expert in almost any field, without the cumbersome technicality of having an educational background on the matter they choose to discuss. This issue is further exacerbated when those individuals are given a public platform to convey their poorly substantiated opinions. Now it is important, as it has always been that the individual must take it upon their self to properly research the subject matter before developing an opinion. In this case, information technology has provided people with the ability to easily obtain information from reliable sources. Information technology has changed the context in which governments must operate. Individual citizens and groups now have the ability to quickly organize and contest or influence the direction and mode of governance. From 24/7 news to flash mobs to blogs to political tell-alls, the rapid flow of information demands rapid results from systems of governance. How has information technology compressed the ability of governments and organizations across the board to implement long-term strategic planning? How has information technology redefined sovereign and cultural borders? How can the government leverage information technology to “fight back”? What kinds of skills and resources are needed by both the people sending the message
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