Media Portrayal Of Forrest Gump

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The following media portrayal is about the film “Forrest Gump.” The movie was released in the year 1994. The film was set to take place through a series of time periods. We first see the main character in the mid-fifties as a small child. The main characters name is Forrest, and his diagnosis was never formally stated in the film. However, it was stated early on that he had an IQ of 75. We see his life progress into the nineteen eighties and what it was like for him growing up through these time periods. Throughout the film, Forrest was both pitied and seen as a hero. This depended on what place of his life he was in and what situation he was in. In his early years, he was stared at often bullied or made fun of. Many children did not want to be his friend and he wasn’t even allowed to be in public school due to his low IQ. Although he had his own struggles and was bullied, he was also seen as a hero. He was a hero as a young child, he cared for others and always helped those who needed it. When his young friend was being harmed by her father, Forrest was there to help and save her. He was her hero throughout the movie. Forrest also went to Vietnam and was a war hero. He saved many of his fellow men during the war and returned home to continue being a hero. He kept promises he had made to his fallen friend and cared for his family. He was also his mother’s hero from the time he was born until he cared for her when she passed away. Forrest cared for all those around him and
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