Media 's Impact On Society

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The media, or communication outlets, has a huge part in the racial divide, prejudices, oppressions and discriminations in America. These outlets include newspapers, television, internet, and/or radio. Over the recent years, stereotyping and discrimination has been greatly enhanced by media outlets. Even though the media has enhanced these harmful issues, the media can improve all of the factors by making changes to how they portray different races and ethnicities. “The media can influence people 's perception about a particular topic or person, it can change attitudes, feelings or behaviors. The television has the strongest influence on the general public”(Mitu, 2011). The media’s impact on society has been studied since the 50’s. Back then, it was concluded that the media can and does influence society. This influence can be either positive or negative. Over the past five decades the media’s outlet has grown far past anyone could have predicted. Today the media cannot only reach society by in home outlets, the masses can be reached via mobile devices as well. Many of the influences of the media have undoubted affects social economics. These social economics are caused by stereotyping of non-white citizens from the media. A perfect example of this is the publicized shooting of Trayvon Martin. This particular incident was hyped up by the media. During the beginning of the coverage, the media only showed images of Martin in a negative light. Some people justified the shooting
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