Media 's Influence On Media

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Social media publicizes a substantial amount of messages about identity and acceptable ways to express gender, sexuality and ones lifestyle, but at the same time, the viewers have their own differing feelings about the issues. The media may suggest certain feelings and actions, but the audiences feelings can never overpower self-expression completely. The media portrays certain things because it is what is being accepted. Neither parties, these being the media and its audience, have full power over their actions. Both go hand-in-hand to influence each other at times allowing media to take over actions, while the audience has its own feelings about actions to either agree or disagree with the media. Gender and sex are two different things that people tend to confuse when describing people, but both can easily be cleared up, along with talking about how people influence media and media influences people. Television, movies, and toys are not just to blame on media making them the way they are today. The societal influencing that inspired these may have turned into an exaggerated form, but the overall concepts came from society and would not continue to be around if the consumer did not accept these feelings, issues and lifestyles.
Starting off by settling the difference between gender and sex is key to talking bound their influence from their surroundings. Judith Butler broke down the concepts in her book, Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity saying, “Gender

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