Media 's Influence On Nursing Profession Essay

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Media is very popular these days and people can access them instantly anytime, anywhere in the world. The image of nursing is certainly influenced by media such as advertisement, newspapers, movies, TV and radio. The Media’s unfounded believes damages the image of the nursing profession and influences how those outside of the medical field view nursing as a profession. Media influences people to make them believe that nurses are just like other caring people, but they actually do not know that nurses are actively involved in the health care reform. “Media’s tendency to frame the same issue in different ways at different times” (Alan Miller, Tyler, Rozanova and Mor. 2012, p.748). Often time media have been presenting the nursing profession poorly about nurses with unprofessional behavior, inappropriate dress or appearance and they are manipulating the story not reflecting the skills, true value and care that goes along with the nursing profession. Media can spread the message across the globe quickly and if the message is contrary to the profession it could mislead people. “The tone of media coverage has been primarily negative, rarely positive ’’ (Alan Miller, Tyler, Rozanova and Mor. 2012, p.745). The media portrays nurses as the helpers of doctor’s, on the contrary, the true role of nursing is the one that provides support, comfort, and health care service. The impact of media negligence could reduce the respect and value of nurses in the public. The role of nursing has

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