Media 's Influence On Society Essay

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Thanks to being a Western capitalist society the United States has developed a media centered culture. Society has been influenced tremendously by mass media it seems as if it has become a necessity in life. Nine DVDs worth of data per person every day is the amount of all media delivered to consumers whether it be visual or auditorial on a daily basis. As consumers and technology develop that number will continue to increase because of the multi-tasking abilities that will be created (Zverina 13). The hold media has on society happens so often and has become so normalized that humanity just doesn’t respond to the conditioning that is happening without anyone being aware. Media is the everyday persons only source of information from around the country or the world. In todays media centered society it’s hard to not be influenced and manipulated. It happens to everyone. Media helps set the news agenda, frames the details of story and communicates the social desirability of certain ideas. Mass media utilizes a wide variety of advertising techniques to get their message out and change the minds of people. The increased exposure to mass media has both positive and negative effects on society. Mass media influences society in many different aspects. Developing awareness, building social skills, having media as a platform and industry are positive ways that the media has influenced society in a positive way. Society has always viewed media as a negative influence as well. From

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