Medical Acronyms Allow People In The Healthcare Industry

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Medical acronyms allow people in the healthcare industry to communicate more efficiently by assigning “nicknames,” or abbreviations, to processes, procedures and organizations. Although there are hundreds of acronyms and medical terms used every day in medical care, these 24 are important to every modern practice, if you want to take advantage of incentives and resources available to your organization.

1. ACO
An Accountable Care Organization is a practice or facility committed to improving patient services for Medicare participants by proactively reducing waste and avoid duplication, without compromising healthcare. The goal of an ACO is to ensure high quality care by delivering the appropriate care at the right time.

2. APM
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6. e-RX
Electronic prescribing methods use evidence-based support tools within the EHR to transmit prescriptions to pharmacies via web-based applications. E-prescribing (e-RX) benefits include faster medication order processing, few errors associated with poor handwriting, and instant updates to patient records within EMR/EHR systems which may eliminate negative drug reactions due to known allergies and inappropriate drug combinations.

7. EHR
Even if they haven 't converted their paper-based records system to an electronic health record (EHR), every physician who is aware of any medical acronyms has heard of EHR. The EHR technology helps practices maintain digital files detailing patient histories, chart notes, treatment records, past and current medications – including adverse events and allergies – and images and lab results. People also associate the term “EHR” with capabilities such as rapid file sharing, robust security and 24/7 access to files from any where because a practice can establish authorized access to files with external partners, such as hospitals, out-patient clinics, specialists and other healthcare networks.

8. EMR
Although electronic medical records (EMR) have similar features and capabilities as the EHR, they typically only share
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