Medical Errors And Its Effects On Healthcare Essay

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A1. By definition a medical error is a preventable adverse effect in healthcare, whether or not it is evident or harmful to the patient. Human errors, in clinical practice, are common but very often underreported. Medical errors can have devastating effects, not only in regards to the patient, but on healthcare professionals, institutions and the system as a whole. Errors can involve, but are not limited to; medications, unsafe environments, unnecessary procedures or tests or wrong site surgeries. Building an error free healthcare system means designing processes to ensure that patients are safe from accidental harm. An estimated 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication between healthcare providers (Huang et al., 2010). Handoff reports lacking important standardized information have been directly associated with sentinel events, errors and near misses among nurses (Staggers & Blaz, 2013). Clear, concise communication is crucial, in the prevention of errors, during handoff or handover reports between providers. In an effort to improve patient safety by reducing communication errors, during handoff reports, the Joint Commission has identified a standardized approach to handoff communication. A2. Medical errors rank third among the causes of death in the United States (Byrnes, 2015). The statistics are staggering; with mortality rates at an estimated 1,000 people daily across the nation and a price tag reaching billions of dollars annually this is a crisis that

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