Medical Malpractice And Tort Reform

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Medical Malpractice and Tort Reform Medical Malpractice consists of negligence committed by a medical professional. There are many possible events that can occur in the practice of medicine. When physician make a medical error it could possible result in an injury. We often put our faith in doctor to make the right medical decision for us. However, medical malpractice does not always hold up since some patient can take advance of the system. There are some defenses that exist when talking about the medical malpractice. Initial doctors are there to help aid person to feel better whether it’s a common cold or for other medical treatment. Doctors always try to do what right for the patient and make sure they abide but all rules and regulations. However, some doctors be put in situation that deemed unfair, likely do with the patient not satisfied with the doctors. While some patients will try to create sometime false negligence there are some defenses that help doctors through the medical malpractice claims such as the contributory negligence, respectable minority principle and statute of limitations just to name a few. Defenses Contributory Negligence allows the medical professional to seek out negligence of the patients if the root of their injury was sought to be the blame of the patient and not of the medical profession. Thomson Reuters (2015) explains that this negligence can be due to the patient not following directions and mixing up the prescriptions or failure to give
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