Legal Aspects to U.S. Health Care System Administration

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Legal Aspects of U. S. Health Care System Administration Lillie Cox Dr. A. M. Miller HSA 515 Health Care Policy, Law, and Ethics October 31, 2014 Legal Aspects of U. S. Health Care System Administration In the United States health care administration, there are lots of health laws, such as federal, state and local. The administrator will need to know these laws, because they will be interacting with top professionals at all levels. The health administrator is new to Well Care Hospital, and the hospital for the past six months has been under scrutiny for breach of medical compliance. It is important that the top administrator be concerned about the importance of his or her conduct within …show more content…

In the administration of medical services in the United States law and regulation now control much of professional life. (p. 586) Well Care Hospital professional’s duty is to be committed to the care of all patients and make improvements within the life of the patient. According to the National Ethics Committee of the Veterans Health Administration (2003), “Professionals are required to make a fiduciary commitment to place their clients’ interests ahead of their own. Patients should be able to trust that their interests and welfare will be place above those of the health care profession” (p.2) Negligence happens when a “person’s actions fall below a certain level of care. Negligence can involve doing something carelessly or failing to do something that should have been done.” (Fremgen, 2009, p. 35). In order to prove negligence the plaintiff must present the following elements: 1) duty to care, 2) breach of duty to care, 3) injury and 4) causation (Pozgar, 2012, p. 33). Duty to care is the first element which deals with the care that the defendant (physician) owes the plaintiff (the patient). If there are an emergency, the physician is obligated to treat the patient, but they are not obligated to treat everyone. If the

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