Medical Shows, Scrubs and Greys Anatomy Stand Above the Rest

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There are two medical television series that stand above most others. These two shows put an emphasis on their personal, rather than professional lives. Bill Lawrence’s television series Scrubs and Shonda Rhime’s television series Greys Anatomy share the theme of competition, Greys Anatomy is better because of Shonda Rhime’s use of character, point of view, and conflict.

Scrubs main character is John Dorian or J.D played by Zach Braff. Greys Anatomy main character is Meredith Grey played by Ellen Pompeo. They both begin the series as staff interns who try to balance their personal lives with the demands of their medical training. Meredith is intelligent, hard-working, outspoken, and easily distracted. Shonda Rhime’s the creator of …show more content…

Conflict is an opposing force that faces a main character. It is needed in every series so that the characters can grow and change. The two main types of conflict are external and internal. What is unique about both medical series is that they feature both types of conflict. They show the internal conflicts and struggles among the characters and the external conflicts of nature and their colleagues. J.D. is in a constant battle with his mentor Dr.Cox and the janitor. He has a bromance with Chris Turk he best friend and an on and off romantic relationship with Elliot Reid. J.D. fantasizes about what could happen; good or bad. His daydreams are often his personal thoughts and feelings in the particular situations. This series is a high energy comedy. Meredith Grey has a constant need to live up to her famous surgeon mother’s reputation. Meredith questions her abilities as a doctor because of her mother’s lack of support. Despite her lack of confidence Meredith always steps up to the challenges at work. She also suffers from many external conflicts that force her character to make internal choices and changes. To make these changes she has help from the other interns and her future husband Dr.Shepherd. Meredith’s constant conflict with herself and others creates drama which maintains viewer’s attention and interest.

Both of these main characters struggle and fight to become the best in their

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