Medicare And ACA What Drove The Passage Of The Bill?

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Knowledge: Health insurance coverage and ACA what drove the passage of the bill?
My understanding from research of the Affordable Care Act was model of current government governed healthcare known as Medicare and Medicaid. When this plan was create a similar financial structure was the primary approach with launching this plan. The ACA is a combination of two acts the Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. The ACA bill passage was drove by the increasing cost of medical care and the inability to be approved for medical coverage. Individuals who were applying for coverage were denied for pre-existing medical issues or because they were not within the poverty level for Medicaid program. With the
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Preventing insurers from denying individuals eligibility or coverage based on pre-exiting conditions.
Overall healthcare quality has been improve the overall health of the population under these insurance plans candidates receive free preventative care. With many preventative treatments available it’s essential for healthcare field to shift from treating chronic disease to taking preventative measures beforehand. These programs has been able to improve the financial status of the Medicaid and Medicare programs by creating awareness among enrollees of the importance of preventive health and reduce the impact of obesity.
Application: Provide a real-life example- best practice- controversy
A real-life example of the ACA is when the market place first opened our hospital hired additional Financial Advocates. They would meet with patients at the hospital and help them complete their application online. Some of the patient would request this service independently and other patients applied whom received treatment at our facility for a medical diagnosis or admission. This service prove to be very helpful for the poor who didn’t have internet connection to complete their application and the minority population who needed assistance due to language barriers.

Analysis Root cause, pro/cons and confusion over ACA- provide a comparison of the ACA with another insurance plan
Root Cause why ACA was brought about to improve

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