Medicare Benefits

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Medicare provides financial assistance to eligible people who incur medical expenses in respect of professional services rendered by eligible qualified medical practitioners, participating optometrists eligible dentists and eligible allied health workers. Medicare benefits are paid based on 85 per cent of the Medicare Schedule fee.

Medicare also provides free in-hospital services in public hospitals for patients who choose to be treated as public patients. Under the Medicare arrangements, public patients in public hospitals are not charged for their medical services or hospital accommodation costs. Funding for services to these patients is shared between the Australian Federal Government and State and Territory Governments under Australian Health Care Agreements. Some dental services including cleft lip and palate services also attract Medicare benefits.
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Some types of medical services are not covered by Medicare. These include services to eligible veterans and their dependents (separate arrangements apply), services covered by compensation arrangements (interim benefits may be paid, pending settlement of the matter), most Government funded community health services, as well as services not necessary for patient care (for example, examinations for employment
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