Medicare Privacy in Australia

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The Australian Health Care System is regarded world class for its effectiveness and efficiency. It consists of the mix system of health providers in both the private and public sector. The funding mechanism is highly advantageous to its entire citizen, which consists of the 30% Rebate, Pharmaceutical Benefit and Medicare. In particular, Medicare has been ensuring all Australian nationals with access to free and low cost medical, optometric, hospital care with special option to private health services in special circumstances.
In an effort to further improve the Australian Health Care System, an initiative was formulated in December 2008 in the Australian Health Ministers Conference for a National E-Health Strategy. This aims to formulate
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On the contrary, Medicare Australia has uncovered employees for possible unauthorized access of client records in the past 3 years. This case therefore alarmed Health Consumers, Privacy and Technology advocates on the infringement of the right to privacy. This is case identifies the possibility of the illegal access of records that may be their own, relatives or friends. It raises the possibility that records are altered for self-interest or gain unlawful reimbursements that would defraud the government. There is therefore an issue on the security of the system and likewise personal data and information which may be used for illegal activities.
Australian IT has found evidence from 948 staff from a total employee of 5887, accessed illegally the patient’s database for apparently snooping at client files for no valid reason. This was a result of a 3 year surveillance report from November 2006 to December 2009. It was disputed by Medicare that only 54 % of the 1058 cases investigated were unauthorized and 30% were access of staff for their own records and 43 % were legitimate access. The Australian Privacy Foundation health spokeswoman, Dr Juanita Fernando claims that thousands of records may have been illegally accessed over the past few years. She claims further that this issue
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