Medication Errors And Its Effects On The Health

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According to Cloete (2015), medication errors continue to be one of the leading causes of harm to patients in the healthcare settings. A medication error is considered an avoidable incident linked to medication that fails in the treatment process but leads to or has the possibility of creating a serious negative effect on the patient’s health. A study conducted by Ebrahimpour, Ghodousi and Shahrokki (2013), reported that according to the Institute of Medicine, medication errors created in the United States ranges between 44,000-98,000 deaths a year. The cost also involved compensation for patients affected in errors resulting to adverse effects was $6 – 29 billion yearly. Research conducted by Hemingway, McCann, Baxter, et al. (2015)…show more content…
Environment Interruptions This was conducted among 70 % (n=49) of registered nurses and 59% (n=24) of students nurses reported that environmental interruptions caused a limitation to safe administration of medication. Environmental distractions were identified through noises of people moving around, phones ringing, beeping sounds of pagers and poor environmental lighting. This was identified through the qualitative analysis. Work-related Pressure Work related pressure was testified by 59% of registered nurses (n=41) and 61% of student nurses (n=25) as a key dormant issue other issues were identified in a qualitative review that could contribute errors were inadequate amount of experience staff present on shift. This created extra pressure for the qualified staff due to the work overload making room for errors. Poor Medication Knowledge Another causative issue to medication error was poor staff knowledge about medications. 46% (n=32) of registered nurses and 37% (n=15) of student nurses stated that not having enough knowledge about medications increases the risk for creating an error. It is essential for the person passing meds to identify potential side effects, the drug type, contraindication and it interactions to reduce the patient may encounter for taking the medication. The qualitative review of registered nurses reinforced this issue. Poor Documentation Many registered nurses (47%, n =33) compare

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