Medication Errors And The Medical Field

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Medication errors are a reoccurring issue that has plagued the medical field since the beginning of drug administration. In order to understand how to handle medication errors, one must first understand what a medication error is. The concept of medication error can be defined as: “any preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or harm to a patient” (Kee, 2012, 125). Examples of medication errors include: misreading a patient’s medical file, not clarifying illegible prescriptions, an incomplete patient assessment, confusing look-alike and sound-alike medications, and lack of better understanding if a medication can be crushed or split. To better understand medication errors and medication safety one must understand the impact it can have on the medical community and patient care, ways to prevent medication errors, and what should be done in a situation where a medication error has occurred. Understanding medication error means understanding the impact an error can have on the medical community and patient care. When a medication error occurs, stress is often placed on the medical facility, as well as the effected patient and family. Regarding a medication error one can assess that an error has in the medication process- rather it be missing actions or wrong actions, the medical facility must undergo an investigation (Lisby, 2004). During the investigation, depending on the severity of the error, the person or people who are involved with the
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