Medication Interview And Review : Interview

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Medication Interview and Review The interview I conducted was a friend of my cousins’ and me. The biggest concern was the person was only available for a limited time period. We had discussed over the phone the format of the interview and I had sent her a copy of the questions beforehand. The interviewee generally was pleasant, but at times appeared restless and non-committal. I was curious about what she was thinking. There were times during the interview where I felt like she was not listening to the questions, as evidenced by her inability to focus on the subject matter. I was not sure if the reason she seemed ambiguous was, she did not really want to answer the questions or she was just not listening. As the interview continued and she began to discuss the medication she was taking I thought perhaps she might be overmedicated? The person was well dressed and appeared calm. The one behavior I noticed was she would not make eye contact and seemed to find the process unsettling, she kept fidgeting with her hands and appeared restless. I felt she was less than truthful, no evidence of her being deceitful, just a feeling. She stated she had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Her initial symptom was she would cry all the time, and the moments were random, this caused her to feel uneasy about being out in public. She said the reason she went to the doctor was she just could not understand why she could not stop crying. She stated that she had been depressed before
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