Medication Therapy Management ( Mtm )

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Medication therapy management (MTM) is a medical care mainly provided by pharmacists whose aim is to optimize drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes for patients. Based on the above definition of MTM, it is very important to offer MTM services to patients as it has at its core the aim of improving therapeutic outcomes for patients through the effective management of their drug therapy. It is important for pharmacist to be at the forefront of leading these efforts with regards to providing MTM because this is a service that is designed to help patients manage their medication. It is also important for pharmacist to embrace this call for the provision of MTM services as its benefits both short-term and long-term includes job security and opportunity, relevance in the healthcare system, revenue source, improving patients’ outcomes, and a chance to justify the call for pharmacists as providers.

Firstly, pharmacists are best trained to offer medication therapy management based on our training and the scope of services provided in an MTM session. Since the change from the traditional Bachelors degree to PharmD as the entry-level degree for new pharmacists, pharmacists are now extensively trained in therapeutics as well as how to clinically manage medications, and evaluate patient outcomes. Most colleges of pharmacy now graduate pharmacist who are certified to provide MTM services. Nurses are willing to offer this services if we decline, we will be doing a great disservice

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