Medieval England 's Apocalypse By Liam Dyer

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Medieval England’s apocalypse
By Liam Dyer

The 14th century was a beginning of a disease that spread horror and death throughout the whole of Europe. England was not spared from the outbreak and the daily casualties increased to heights no one thought would happen. The Doctors would try their best to stop a disease that would tear economies and families apart but not even they could stop its disparaging wrath. Economically the plague would tear cities to shreds. The governing bodies were not immune to the effects of the pestilence. The Black Death was a fiend that loved to commit chaos to whomever caught its deadly infection turning family and friends into corpses and love into immense heartbreak and tragedy. Facing these difficult times some still prayed to god and asked to forgive their sins so that they would not be diseased as many felt god was punishing the people of all the sins they committed. These impacts that the Black Death had on the English people made it the worst epidemic in English history however, was there something good that came out of this outbreak? The Bubonic Plague also known as the Black Death. Several theories have been brought forth by historians about the cause of the Black Death however the most prevailing theory was that it was caused by rats. The Disease actually came from the rat fleas, called Xenopsylla cheopis. These rat fleas came from infested dying rats. The fleas would leave the rats heading for the most accessible area of the human
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