Medieval Medicine

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Many individuals ponder how remarkable it is that humans have lasted this long in a world full of war and through chaotic times. One element that has helped humanity is the use of medicine and healthcare systems. Medicine and healing have been around for many centuries, and has made countless advances in the system and cures to diseases within many civilizations. Instead of discussing the change of medicine over all time and around the world, we will narrow the ways in which a civilization heals their sick into a smaller time period and this period was the era of the Ancient and Medieval Worlds. In the Ancient and Medieval Worlds, medicine and health were very important to help the ill and infirm, and many medical techniques were developed…show more content…
One of the first societies researched was in Florence during the year 1348. In this particular source, it was told straight from a man who lived and was there during the ‘Black Death’ in which was happening. This document titled “A Most Terrible Plague” focused on the account of how individuals acted when a plague broke out and hundreds of people were dying every day, and what the society did to help those individuals. Giovanni Boccaccio, the writer of this source, discussed how “the plague had broken out some years before in the Levant, and after passing from place to place, and making incredible havoc along the way, had now reached the west.” The purpose of Boccaccio preparing the document seems to be to describe what the people went through during this time and how much of a deadly disease it was that basically took over Florence. The argument and…show more content…
This secondary source that had a very interesting way of dealing with medicine and their ill is titled “Religion and Popular Medicine in Medieval Andhra” was unlike other civilizations in numerous ways. One way this culture was different, was that they had health deities, which was nothing like the other civilizations and cultures researched had and another way being the society of Andhra truly believed that the world was controlled by the divine couple “Pasupati and Mother Goddess”. “The Mother Goddess was worshipped as the guardian of the nature protecting the human beings from the natural calamities and the epidemics, as the mother at home gives food for the health and protects the children and other dependents in the family from health hazards.” . This quote reveals that people of Medieval Andhra tried to apprehend the roles of the first divine couple and gain a better understanding of how the divine couple created their world in the perspective of their socio cultural background. So readers can see why the Mother Goddess was so important in their daily lives. Another way that Medieval Andhra was different from other societies was that they used festivals throughout the seasons of the year in a way to uphold good physical and mental health within themselves. Hymavathi’s document argues how indigenous medicine and religion correlated with each other and played a
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