Medieval Warfare and the Medieval Weapons Used

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Medieval Warfare And The Weapons Used
Back in the middle ages the world was a completely different place, full of dangers around every corner such as cutthroats and thugs, thieves, and sneaky killers, our world today still has dangers such as those, though they may not be as plentiful, they are definitely as dangerous if not worse.
So this is where we shall start to get lost into a barrage of info on medieval warfare, and the weapons used in the battles fought during this age.
During the time from 476 CE and the 14th century warfare was completely different from what it is today. Today warfare is carried out from long distances usually, with modern guns, and even missiles that can be launched from thousands of miles away to decimate the opposing forces, there is even vehicles with mounted guns which are motor driven that can also be used to fight enemy forces. But that is today and we are talking about yesterday, or about a thousand years ago.
During the middle ages we fought mainly hand-to-hand combat with melee weapons such as swords, daggers, spears, axes, and clubs. but we still had some ranged weapons in our arsenal during that time, such as bows, crossbows, throwing spears, and throwing axes, we even had some explosives that could be used during that time such as cannons and small hand grenades they might have been pretty underdeveloped and primitive, but they were very advanced at that time. but with weapons and the threat of attack there is also defensive

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