Medieval Women's Clothing In Medieval Society

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Medieval women’s clothing was an important part of their social standings and showed the wearers rank and position in society; it was also not just affected by wealth as social statuses changed what you were and were not allowed to wear. The feudal system defined what they wore with the king and queens leading the fashion. There were also laws as to how a person could be dressed and the cost of the item/s for example: Only royalty could wear ermine trimming, only nobles, upper class and higher classes were allowed to wear velvet, silk, fur, lace, cotton, taffeta and coloured or dyed materials, lesser nobles were allowed to wear fox an otter trimming, lower classes could only wear wool, linen and sheepskin and the lowest classed, labours and…show more content…
These included that wives of trades men were not permitted to wear veils other than ones made from thread and were also not allowed to wear furs that where not lamb, rabbit, cat or fox. Many of these rules where based around the type of cloth that could be worn as the cloth worn very important to medieval people. Through the medieval time period the fashion was constantly changing and people at the time were expected to keep up with it, however the general fashion was, for poor peasant women, a dress made of linen or rough wool reaching below the wearer’s knees and was fastened with a belt, often made of linen along with a pair of boots and, for a noble woman, many layers of clothing starting with the underclothes, consisting of breeches, chemise and hose, followed by an underskirt, made of pale linen or silk, a long gown with wide sleeves, made out of expensive and embroidered martials. Over the gown a long tunic was worn which was then covered with a floor length mantle, trimmed with fur. A noble woman would also wear soft cloth shoes that could be covered with outdoor leather or wooden ones. Headdresses were also worn and changed with the fashion becoming larger, taller and more prominent as time
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