Meeting Demi Lovato

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With her 10 Teen choice awards and her Latina attitude, she sat opposite me with her blue locks and her winning smile, welcoming me to her office. Demi has recently helped host a contest for the popular companies Acuvue, which hosted a 1-Day contest.

Having just heard the news that her song "give your heart a break" was to be appearing on Glee and that she landed a job on X- Factor, made me even more excited that I was going to be in her presence for the next hour or so.
My first impression of Demi was that she was quite shy, until she began laughing at the noise my chair made as I nervously sat down. Embarrassing. But I knew that I was going to like this interview.

I began asking her about her experience in mentoring the contestants throughout the contest. Her answer was motherly. She expressed that she felt good helping them out, encouraging them to come out of their shell and to really push them towards their dreams. She mentioned her past and how she wished that someone did that for her, then explaining how Acuvue were really sweet to her and how they are the best contacts in the world.

With this she smiled, and coffee was brought to her mahogany table. By far the shiniest wooden desk I’ve possibly ever seen. I continued the topic of Acuvue and asked if she had the chance, would she ever let fans come backstage with you like she did with her…

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