Memo to Chief of Prosecutions: Tattoo Shoppe Case Liability for Wrong Tattoo

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Memorandum: TO: Chief of Prosecutions FROM: Attorney RE: Tattoo Shoppe Case Liability for Wrong Tattoo DATE: April 12, 2013 Questions Presented Is Tattoo Shoppe liable for the wrong tattoo performed by its owner on Lydia's lower back? If yes, how much money is the tattoo parlor liable for and how can such liability be prevented in the future? Short Answer Even though liability for tattoos that go wrong varies across the state, the tattoo artist is primarily liable while the tattoo parlor has only a small portion of the liability. According to the law, any individual who performs any service should conduct it with reasonable skill and care. Therefore, if the tattoo parlor makes a wrong tattoo or messes one up, he/she is in violation of his/her contract with the client. Tattoo Shoppe will be liable for physical or financial compensation for the cost of the tattoo and any other damages. Statement of Facts The issue under evaluation is where the owner and manager of a tattoo parlor known as Tattoo Shoppe described a scenario that can be regarded as a tale of woe. Lydia Bennett, a customer, arrived at the facility and informed the tattoo artist that she would some Chinese characters tattooed on her lower back. Lydia stated that she would like the Chinese characters for "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity." The tattoo artist at Tattoo Shoppe took out a Chinese character "cheat sheet" that contains commonly requested symbols. He then showed Lydia some characters in the

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