Memories and Their Role in Character Motivation: An Analysis of Dreams of Home

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Remembrance and the use of memories not only serve a role as a form of inspirational and driving force, but also serve as a path way to immortality for those who have long passed. Remembrance takes many forms, one of which is literature, and a specific area where this is true is in war literature. Examples of this range from the lyrical genius of “Heart of Oak”, which recollects and celebrates the British Navy in the 19th Century, a time in which the Union Jack ruled the seas, to Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae’s “In Flanders Fields” In NCdt. Iain Brooks’s “Dreams of Homes” the practice of memory through composition is present, in both the form and content of the sonnet, through the recollection of the life of an individual and more …show more content…

This is also demonstrated again in the accustomed tone of the first line of the third stanza: “One more attack, yet another city clear”(line 9). What comes next is the volta, in which the tragic demise of the speaker is described from, at first, a communal point of view -the use of the word we as opposed to I- and then in the personal point of view of the reader. This leaves us with the final line of the sonnet “And all I am left with are dreams of home” (line 14) which presents the reader with a resolution to the struggle and adaptation to violence that was presented in previous stanzas, and shows the reader that even though the soldier may not have physically returned to the memories of his normal life that he had yearned to return to, it was those memories that granted him peace in his death and an escape from the hell in which he had become accustomed to.
In addition to the content of the poem relaying the message of the importance of memories and their driving force and their ability to allow an individual, or a group, to lay claim to immortality, the form in which the poetry was written subtly alludes to the same concepts of heroism and memories. This is demonstrated in everything from the subtle changes in tone that occur throughout the poem. An example of this change of tone affecting the mood of the poem could be demonstrated while studying the character’s loss of humanity throughout the poem. In the second stanza the narrator presents war in an

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