Memories of SuHo Essay

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That simple name replayed in KyungSoo's head like a favorite song. Something about it was just, naturally appealing. After the unusual encounter with the boy, he was incapable of focusing. All he could think of was the melody he played. So familiar, he heard it many times; everyday and yet, the sound was new. More purposeful, more perfect, more like SuHo. That was it, he played that song, the same way SuHo did.

KyungSoo evoked the image of the time when the two fo them would sit and SuHo would start playing, asking him to accompany and they performed together, in a unbroken conformity. KyungSoo ever halted in the midst, just to observe SuHo and comprehend the way his fingers directly indentified where to move next. The way he peered at …show more content…

Lay, as the lover of junk food, ordered them double cheeseburgers and strawberry milkshakes. The food arrived a few minutes later, right after Lay eventually got KyungSoo to smile, having himself to go through a series of hilarious face expressions and humiliation. All due to the weakness for his boyfriend.

“I will eat well.” Lay announced and KyungSoo repeated after him. They took their time eating, taking modest bites in-between the ongoing conversation about KyungSoo and his desire to became a chef someday. Lay was really keen on that idea. Considering his best dish was plain rice, having a personal chef would be advantageous, particulary when the chef is exceptionaly handsome and skilled.

“Can I be the first ever customer to taste you food?” Lay's face could've been compared to a puppy at that second and KyungSoo was more than amused to say yes.

Lay caught the corner of his watch and rushed KyungSoo out of the resturant, explaining they have ten minutes until opening. Dispirited, KyungSoo draggled after the boy.

They reached the shop two minutes before one o'clock and KyungSoo relucantly switched the sign to read 'Open'. When both settled in the first customer turned up, asking for the newest album of Girls Generation. A high school girl, with her raven hair tied up in a bun with a apricot-coloured bow on top. She was charming and smiled a lot, specially at Lay who got flustered with the eye contact that was held just a

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