Memory And Memory Of Computers

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Have you ever wanted to know how certain files, documents and so on are being saved and what led this to occur? The memory of computers is quite fascinating and there is so much that goes into saving something on a computer. There are different types of memory that is found on computers that is needed to make things work and that would be acceptable to the user. The main two that is quite known in the computer world would be Primary and Secondary memory. There are 2 types that make up the Primary memory and that would be Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read only memory (ROM). The secondary memory consists of a hard disk drive, flash drive and zip drive. There are also optical discs that are included.

One thing that is special in terms of computers would be the Primary memory. Primary memory is divided into 2 types. The first type would be random access memory. RAM is in charge of keeping data in a stored area so that it can be reached by the processor when necessary. RAM does a really good job at laying away data in such a random basis. An article from the PC World have shown that in this generation RAM has increased tremendously; it is said that “ A review of systems that the PC World test center has grown from a little over 90 MB to about 2 GB, spiking whenever Microsoft releases a new version of Windows” (Stafford pg. 84). RAM has 2 forms, they are Static RAM and Dynamic RAM. Static RAM
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