Memory In The Reader

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Memory is a powerful concept. Often when an individual undergoes a traumatic situation, the ramifications of these actions seep into an individualfs psyche unknowingly. In effect this passes through memory and becomes sub-consciously buried within a personfs behavioural patterns generally. The Reader by Bernhard Schlink explores the concept of a young mans subconscious desire for a woman whom he gcanft remember to forgeth (1Memento) as she is so deeply inlaid within his soul.

Critically acclaimed as gA formally beautiful, disturbing, and finally morally devastating novel. From the first pagec [it] ensnares both heart and mindh ( Los Angeles Times), the novel tells the story of a young boy, 15, Michael Berg, through his own …show more content…

The helpless nature of Michaels actions show how much Hanna has affected his subconscious and although he is made aware of his actions, his physical dependence comes from the deep scaring within him.

On another occasion, after Hannafs death, it is documented that Michael once again subconsciously desires her presence. Michael dreams of Hanna while travelling through the countryside to bid Hannafs final wishes.

gI dreamed of Hanna and myself in a house in the autumn-blazed hills that were lining our route. Hanna was older than when I had met her and younger than when I had met her again, older than me, more attractive than in earlier years, more relaxed in her movements with age, more at home in her own body. I saw her getting out of the car and picking up shopping bags, saw her going through the garden into the house, saw her set down the bags and go upstairs ahead of me. My longing for Hanna became so strong that it hurt. I struggled against the longing, argued that it went against Hannafs and my reality, the reality of our ages, the reality of our circumstancesh.

The interior narration here allows the focus to hold a contemplative and introspective view of Michaels thought patterns. He remembers his dreams and notes them as being irrational and beyond all reason of reality, yet he finds himself yearning for her

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