Memory And Memory Of Memory

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Grace Stelley
Hour 5
Steve Jobs once said, "You and I have memories longer he road that stretches out ahead". The brain is so detailed and holds so much information in every little area. There are so many things happening in the brain at once, and one of the most fascinating things would be memory. The memory has various abilities that make it so complex, including the memory system, how it functions, and memory retrieval, along with the capacity to memorize certain ideas easier
Memory has different parts in the memory system including sensory, short and long memories. Each type has a different time span and is broken down for different purposes for memorizing. Sensory memory occupies material for one to two …show more content…

It also indicates to the brain’s intelligence to keep knowledge. Recollection is a crucial piece of the training progress (Loftus). Repeating actions can really help to expand what has been just viewed. The memory is a result of an influence on perception, attention, and learning. Many experiences in life affect what a person remembers. Memory collects the events that were given the most impact on the life at hand. Every time a person learns something different, chemical conversions account new passageways to grow between neurons. The memory traces can be energized at any time to intimate the cognition called memories. If memories weren’t in the brain, learning something would be new every time. There are two distinct types of memories including motor-skill memory and factual memory. The ability to memorize motor skills, such as walking or riding a bike makes it possible to achieve many everyday actions without abundant conception of conscious thought. Motor-skills are very important because they show what comes naturally to a person and what can be improved to help get to a goal or new step in life. Between five to six hours of learning a new motor-skill, the capability of completing the task becomes gathered forever in a person’s brain. If it is disturbed by another learning action the first one may be erased or can easily be slipped away from memory (“Memory” n. pag.). Motor-skills are crucial for survival and show how they can be so important for future

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