Memory, Thinking, and Intelligence

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Memory, Thinking, and Intelligence
Amy McKenzie Winkle
November 7, 2010
Psychology – Mr. Hacker
Week 4 Individual Project

The human memory is a very complex phenomenon. The memory is considered to be a cognitive neuroscience. It is made up of four parts: sensory, short term, working, and long term. Many factors impede or enhance the information flow throughout each step of the process. I will also explain proactive and retroactive interference in this essay. Finally, I will give you some strategies for improving your memory. The memory process begins when the stimuli receives a sensation. The sensation may come from any of the senses such as sight, smell, sound, or texture. This step is known as the sensory memory. Your body is
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When trying to absorb information such as studying for a test there are factors that can increase your chance of success. The five factors are study more, spread out your study sessions, meaningful material will be better remembered, group similar items together, and study the middle because it is easier to remember the top and bottom than the middle. Your mind has a photogenic memory so creating images of the material can help also. The human memory is made up of sensory memory, short term, working, and long term memory. Each department has a specified job with specific information held there. If the memory is not performing quite like you would like it to use strategic methods to strengthen it. The five study factors can be very useful to students. The memory affects our thoughts, character, and behaviors.

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