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What is so important about mending a wall? Robert frost a down to earth, phenomenon has used his supernatural skills to write a poem which may seem to be a simple, ordinary poem, yet what lays hidden behind the veils may be unraveled. That is the spiritual world that you and me may learn to understand the philosophical basis of human nature that provokes the human revolution. Believe it or not this poem was ingeniously devised by Robert Frost to articulately open up a world of ideas that acumen imagination and its complexities. That is what I will be elaborating on in terms of textual evidence.

Like many of Frost’s poems, ‘mending wall’ involves a journey. We are introduced to two farmers in an annual meeting at the wall that separates …show more content…

Like tree felling, sheep shearing and crop-harvesting. It is a ritual which has it’s own paradox, it causes two neighbors to cooperate so that the wall which separate them to be sustained. It divides even their energies at this moment as they keep the wall between them as they walk its line. The definition of the ritual in strong symbolic terms is a statement of humankind’s determination to hang on to all that divides it. Furthermore in this stanza they fix the wall in springtime, after wintertime, when the ‘frozen-ground-swell’ has done its work of destruction.

Frost feels a sense of mischief, an urge to question deep rooted and unreasoned attitudes. So he questions his neighbour’s motto: why do good fences make good neighbours? He uses the most elementary of examples: if you had cows you would of course want to wall them in and stop them from roaming into others’ properties. But he points out the obvious, simple truth, in the most simple of language: ‘But here there are no cows.’ Surely, such a persuasive argument must make his neighbour rethink his preoccupation that you need walls between you to make good neighbours.

Frost questions the reasons for the wall being built in the first place. He sees a couple of reasons for building a wall: if there is something you need to keep in or out, build a wall; if some trouble can result from open spaces, build a wall. Otherwise why have one? He climaxes his argument by

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