Menil Collection Essay

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What's awesome about this nation is that America began the convention where the wealthiest customers purchase basically the same things as the poorest. You can be sitting in front of the TV and see Coca-Cola, and you can realize that the president drinks. There are several museums and art galleries in Houston with its unique and priceless exhibitions going on all over the year. The Menil Collection is one of the most famous art museums due to its unique exhibitions every year. It is located in, at 30-acre neighborhood of art with beautiful surroundings of downtown Houston. When I went there to have a look of the museum, I witnessed that there were large number of students there with their families and teacher for the exhibitions and they were…show more content…
The way the manil’s exhibition shows his piece of arts represents that all the collection of this exhibition is based on different concepts and aspects of the life. Most of the collection is made up of wood no matter they were masks , handy crafts or the tools for hunting which shows that they were invented in the time period when they didn’t had any other option of survival like Paleolithic Period (old stone age) when the humans created paintings and relief on cave walls and carve small figurines. Hunting was the main source of food. Weapons and tools were made of woods and tools which also show that they didn’t had any other option at that time. All these piece of art are obviously made by human hand and each specific piece shows they different way of thinking of people of that time .Theses collection shows clearly about the condition of life they were living, their culture, tradition and customs. If we talk about Roman and Greece history we can also say that in their historical background they also had some these kind of collection which also shows their background and cultural values like this exhibition focuses on the people from “Old Bering Sea cultures of coastal Alaska and Siberia, ca. 250 BCE–1000
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