Men's Sheds

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Beyond this research there have been more recent outcomes that continue to support the benefits of men's sheds. Colla, P. Kirwana, L. and Lambea,B. (2014) in their paper 'Engaging ‘hard to reach’ men in community based health promotions' commented on the role that men's sheds can play as their finding concluded that ‘hard to reach’ men prefer structured programmes with defined tangible outcomes. The structures that are evident in all shed's make it possible to engage these 'hard to reach' men. Researchers have begun to narrow their focus onto to more discrete aspects of the men's shed movement highlighting again the benefits that come from involvement in a shed. Cavanagha, J. Southcombeb, A. and Bartrama, T. (2014) found that collaborative learning is critical to ensure effective training and development of men in Men’s Sheds in a study of five sheds. As sheds have developed their capabilities they have begun to be able to respond to other needs of older men. Wilsona, J. Stancliffeb, J. Gambinc, N. Craigd, D. Bigbyd, C and, Balandine, S. (2015) in a case study concerning the outcomes for older men …show more content…

Shed's that are well managed are more effective in supporting men's health. Anga, S. H., Cavanagh, J, Southcombec, A, Bartramb, Marjoribanksb,T. and McNeilb, N. (2015) conducted a study to look at the social connectedness and health and well-being of older and retired men and the role of Men’s Sheds. Their study used a sample of over 200 Men’s Sheds throughout Australia and matched 419 member responses to 162 leaders. Based on mediation analysis, they found "that perceived human resource practices support the retention of membership and enhanced the social connectedness, and health and well-being of men members". This is an important finding given the rising costs of health care within our

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