Mental Health Disorders And How Can One Be Effectively Diagnosed?

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Mental health disorders are becoming more and more prevalent in the United States today, especially since the world consists of more prestigious medical professionals that can diagnose individuals. What does a mental health disorder entail and how can one be effectively diagnosed? Many people do not realize they are suffering from a mental illness, which can sometimes be extremely detrimental to a person’s health and can eventually lead to death if not treated. Extensive research has provided the world with more knowledge on the causes, symptoms, and treatments of several mental health disorders with the help of the DSM-5. Any individual can be diagnosed with a mental health disorder, even those “perfect” celebrities people idolize. Robin…show more content…
Carrie Fisher, one of Robin Williams’ longtime friends had noticed a mood change in him when he showed up backstage after her show, Wishful Drinking, a few years ago. This visit led Carrie to wonder what was affecting him after their long conversation about bipolar disorder. At the time, she did not think that he was maybe referring to himself acquiring this disorder. After reviewing this night in her head, she concluded that he was secretly opening up to her about his illness. Carrie Fisher said, “He took the test that I gave the audience and got all the answers right, but didn 't think [being bipolar] was something that had anything to do with him” (Gardner). William’s was ashamed of his negative feelings and did not want to lack strength. Frankly, this was probably his cry for help because he was in denial that there was something wrong with him. Fisher did not know how this could have happened to a man who was so empathetic and impactful to many (Gardner). She speculated that it was his “unrelenting stream of emotion” that forced William’s to struggle with alcohol and cocaine, as well as rehab (Gardner). Robin William’s defied so much at once and finally cracked when he committed suicide.
Although Robin Williams was never officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder or depression, I believe that he was suffering from both when he chose suicide. It is not ironic that both of these mental illnesses are
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