Essay on Mental Health

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This research paper provides the history, demographics, epidemiological information about older immigrants` mental health problem in Australia, analysis of the key health issue within a country and gives clearly answer for how those problems could be improved? This research identifies the predictors of psychological distress in newly arrived older immigrants to Australia. Besides the conclusion that How health professionals are acting to modify determinants of health? As observed previously, health is a product of influence between individuals and their environments (Mcmurray.A & Clendon.J 2011), Such as socio-economy, family, culture, resources and education those number of main factors that determine health and wellbeing. Preventable and …show more content…
However from whole Australia population status people can conjecture that immigrants` life status too, such as on local government area of Australia, 60.7% people had full-time job and 32.6% of them have private house, this means approximately half of population in Australia did not had good economic condition, so they anxious with how to support family and pay all kind of house’s bills. Espie (2007) maintains that people who under a lot of pressure, emotional conflicts or frequently fear will suffer with insomnia. From marital information people can analyse average approximately huge percentage of population in Australia did not have normal family condition, Julie Cwikela, b, Helen Gramotnevc, Christina Lee.C Studies point that, unmarried (widow), childless women must be unfulfilled and unhappy that will lead autism easily. So in this kind of are elder immigrants becoming stressful and got health problem easily.
In nowadays, migrant’s population has been increasing in every city, an important part of migration is increasing cultural and social diversity and that result some mental health problem in society as well. According to Kee-Lee Chou studies, the older adult immigrants are confronting a greater challenge than younger immigrants in their life. In new society they have new lifestyle and something different in traditional values. Furthermore, older migrants often feel lonely and isolated from family member; because other younger family
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