Mental Illness Is A Taboo Subject

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Mental Illness Mental illness can be a taboo subject, and people learn different facets of it by different means. I was first introduced to basic concepts of mental illness during my high school years. At that time, I had a very close friend who suffered from depression. She confided in me that she was considering suicide. Shortly after our talk, I called her mother because I believed that her disclosure wasn’t a spontaneous, knee-jerk statement but a true threat to my wonderful friend. Her parents took her for evaluation, and she spent time in Havenwyck Hospital where she began treatment. She is still my wonderful, beautiful friend today, and I shudder to think what may have happened if she didn’t reach out that day. After I began my educational journey, I learned a considerable amount more about mental illness. It is disheartening to realize the many people who are suffering from mental illness and are prevented from seeking treatment by stigma, shame, lack of knowledge, or even a lack of services. Although I am empathic to many individuals who suffer from mental illness, I would be unable to work with pedophiles. Individual System There are many social workers, and other health care providers, who are able to take on the challenge of working with the pedophile population. I, however, am not one of them. My personal feelings would be obvious, and I would not be able to maintain composure. Also, I do not believe that I am psychologically prepared to treat those
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