Mental Illness Is A Taboo Topic

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Mental illness is a taboo topic. We don’t like to believe being crazy is normal yet we all struggle with our brain chemistry being a bit off. For those who are not so fortunate, I would like to discuss the conditions of asylums. George Georgiou visually touched bas of the conditions for three psychiatric institutions in Kosova and Serbia during 1999 and 2002. The project was done after the Nato attack on Serbia on March 24,1999. The Between the Lines project was to display some of the effects of the war such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Georgiou’s phot from “Between the Lines” project expresses the conditions some of the patients suffered from lack of experience and attentiveness by staff.
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Serbian’s hospital conditions made the realities for survivors a bit more fearful and traumatic.
In Georgiou’s photo it brings a poignant reality in the psychiatric institutions of Serbia during the turn of the century in early 2000’s. The interesting effect of the photo is the loss of identity, as if dehumanizing the patient will cause less care to deal with. It’s strange to find the room to be barren. The patients were to be left alone in rooms to reduce harm to others and themselves. Although, the treatment would cause more trauma rather than help the patient. The patient’s expression is revealing to agony and fear suffered from lack of care and treatment.
Speckled tiles repeat in the room not only to make the room look barren but, to reduce stimulus in case the patient was hallucinating. Restraints are used preventing the patient from any type of harm. The patient being tied to the pipe shows how poor the institutions is that any room could be used. The reason for no binaries is the room itself is empty to help release stress the patient may have from situations regarding the patients or staff members. The rugged isolation of the rooms shows the importance of proper treatment and care.
The patient being wrapped in a sheet, tied to a pipe is significant representation of the psychiatric hospitals conditions. The sheet confining the patient brings struggle to the mind. The physical restriction can show the restraint of the

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