Mental Status Examination Interview Essay

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General Appearance My client is a 25-year-old South Asian woman. She appears thin with long black hair and brown eyes. She is wearing dark pants, a long sleeved blue shirt with a multicoloured scarf. Her clothing is neat and appropriate to her environment. She is wearing makeup, appears clean and is well put together. The client answers direct questions but does not provide a lot of information. Patient is willing to provide more information when asked directly or prompted by the writer. The client’s rate of speech was slow at first but as the interview continued, became a normal rate. Her speech was clear; however spoke in a soft volume with a monotone voice. Her rhythm was smooth and her speech was not pressured. The client’s …show more content…

She felt the voice was coming inside of her head. She expressed that she hears the fights they used to have and that he speaks to her in a self-depreciating way, for example “you’re not good enough for me.” The patient denies any auditory command hallucinations. The patient stated that she has not told to anyone else that she hears him because she does not want to be labeled as weird, but acknowledged she understands that she is the only person that is able to hear him. She expressed that the voice she hears “won’t go away,” and hears him approximately three to four times a week. The patient also states she has not felt like herself lately, but wants to feel like her old self again. Thinking The client’s thought formation is appropriate, however her thought content is solely focused around her ex-boyfriend. She worries that she is unable to stop thinking about him, and expressed that she cannot focus on other areas of her life. She expressed the feeling of wanting to feel better, but is unable to do so because of her obsession with her breakup. Suicidal Ideation The patient expressed she has no current suicidal ideation or homicidal ideation. However, she admitted to suicidal ideation in the past, right after her breakup, approximately two months ago. She expressed that she wanted to hurt herself and had a plan on how to do so, but did not think she could go through with it. Her plan was to overdose by taking her mother’s

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