Mentally Ill Pros And Cons

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Involuntary commitment of the mentally ill is surrounded by continual controversy especially since mass shootings like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary are on the rise. Some argue that anyone with a mental illness should not be permitted to purchase a firearm. And their contenders claim such a measure would “infringe upon their civil rights” and would result in discrimination towards the mentally ill (Barusch, 2015, p. 236). Society is angry seeing so many mentally ill homeless in their communities. Some blame it on the strict regulations defining who can be Baker Acted, as the mentally ill cannot be involuntarily committed unless they are an imminent danger to themselves or others. Socioeconomically challenged families have no choice but to sit back and wait until their relative is so ill that they become a danger to themselves or society before they can get the care he/she needs. At that point, often learning the illness has reached chronic proportions and may take a lifetime to cure. They argue that the seriously disabled should be committed “regardless of their dangerousness” (Barusch, 2015, p. 244). It just seems…show more content…
However, like anything else it’s contenders claim it “deprives patients the right to refuse treatment, requires excessive state intrusion, and is subject to abuse” (Barusch, 2015, p. 244). I would also advocate for insurance parity as “differential coverage of mental health care is a form of discrimination” of the mentally ill (Barusch, 2015, p. 245). I also wanted to share a link for a Five Point Action Plan to Reduce Violence by the Mentally Ill that I found very interesting: I was really surprised they recommended eliminating
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